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Friday, 23 December 2011

FROZEN IN !!!!!! - I WISH ;)

We have been back from Norway for 1 week, we took a few days to get settled again, and unpack etc, and sort out items we had brought back with us from Stein's apartment. Our arrival on the boat was not as planned, our hook up had accidently been taken out, consequently draining the batteries and defrosting the freezer contents,  :(    ( Frozen In - I wish ), however I will not dwell on the moment, only to say all was sorted out by the marina, as quickly as possible, so we have to be happy for that. This did effect our intended Christmas plans, we wished to be on the cut at Braunston, with like minded boaters, and enjoy the atmosphere, but felt a bit hurried, and unsure of moorings availability, so decided to stay settled here for the Christmas days, and enjoy some good food, and mindless T.V. and relax a little,  & much easier access for when family come to visit. So we a little sad about that, but hope to be at Braunston for the New Year.

 Breaking of thin ice at Napton
 Images of Daventry
 Leamington @ Christmas

 Fallen Heroes Statue

 People watching - shoppers stressing out......we have time for ice.
 Brandy Chocolate......erm nice.
What's in my stocking !!!!!!

We have taken the bus into Daventry on Tuesday, had a little mooch, and stocked up at Waitrose and Tesco's. Stein stocked up on his pork scratchings, and there was a delightful deli, and had a chicken and ham pork pie for lunch....we also got a Tesco delivery, so that was the ballast  christmas booze sorted. We then had a trip into Leamington Spa Thursday, we took the bus from outside the marina entrance, as everyone has said how the bus stops there, though it is not a designated stop, this worked fine for us when going into Daventry, but this bus driver must have been suffering man's PMT,  God he had a strop on, " Is this a bus stop" ? he said surly, what could I say, I was just happy and grateful he had stopped, and Thanked him, his bad mood hindered more when going through one village, and a delivery driver had blocked the road,  he was delivered a withering glance. !! Stein cheered us up singing to us on the bus a Norweigan childhood song, entitled " To the happy smiling bus driver " ( En buss sjofor en buss sjofor er en mann godt humor.) which basically means if you not happy, then you can't be a bus driver !!!!! - aren't the village folk friendly on the buses, we had a good chin wag on there, and they love to know how life is on the boat.
Still our shopping had to be done, we tackled M & S first, !!!!!! mistake - what chaos that was, millions of people, out of date food - aarrgghh, still we were determined to not stress though,  our Christmas lunch this year will be a steak, with fancy starter & pud, this will be Stein's 3rd year here for xmas, and he not so keen on the "Vegetable Feast " as he calls it, so I happy to sit back, and he'll cook it, and less washing up !! so that has to be good. We both went off and got our pressies for each other, and took time out in the pub for a wine. Thursday night we wrapped up our pressies and got in the christmas spirit - literally -  with a brandy & port. Today we would have liked to have gone for a walk but it has been torrential rain all day. Stein has stocked up with coal & woods, it is so cosy and romantic, sitting besides the fire like this as always. Tomorrow it is Norway's Christmas day, they open their pressies on the night of the 24th, so a traditional risengryn grot,  with 1 almond, for lunch (it's like a rice pudding ) the almond is a bit like our tradition of the sixpence in the xmas pudding. Hopefully a walk, and an evening drink in the local Ye Olde King's Head. So wishing all our family, friends, boater's & blogger's, A Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Our next mooring will be..

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